Friday, July 09, 2004

More Offshoring Dos and Don'ts has a special report on offshore outsourcing dos and don'ts. The most important tip we frequently see repeated in articles such as this...plan and prepare your project and communicate clearly, frequently and effectively with your service provider.

"Tata Consulting Services and Infosys Technologies Ltd, among India's largest IT services companies, had one million job applicants each in 2003 - and offered jobs to fewer than one percent of them. That's a Darwinian filtering of talent if you've ever seen one. The people working in top IT services companies in India and China aren't just smart - they're super-smart."

"If you only go for low cost (i.e. less experienced and lower skilled workers), you'll end up paying a high price in the end. Choose a partner company and personnel for their quality, not just their price. Offshore companies come in all shapes and sizes. If you pay peanuts, know what to expect."


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