Wednesday, July 14, 2004

U.S. States are Offshoring Plenty

ZDNet reports U.S. states are offshoring $75 million worth of contract work by at least 18 companies. This is according to a report released by the tech professional advocate group WashTech.

'"We find that foreign information-technology contractors are aggressively poised to capture more state government work," the report concluded. "State policymakers are not well-positioned to respond, since they often lack the most basic information necessary to determine who is actually doing contracted work and where."'

"Without state action, the offshore trend in state contracting is likely to grow, the study indicates. 'At least 18 firms that specialize in offshore outsourcing are positioning themselves in no fewer than 30 states to capture a larger share of the state government market, especially in information technology services,' the report said."


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